Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Trading - just a little longer than a day or a week CSCO and S Long-Term Call options

Both of these holdings are beginning to climb.  They are Long Term Call Options - in essence I am renting the securities for a year (due Jan 2012) and during this time I get any appreciation in these securities less the cost to rent. For Example, I am renting 5,000 shares of CSCO for $17,500 (owning them would cost $100,000.) My current investment of $17,500 is worth $20,000 today.  My other holding is renting 15,000 shares of Sprint for $30,000 - If I owned the securities they would be worth $60,000. They are currently worth 28,000. Otherwise, Between these two positions I am at about break-even.  I own each for different reasons.

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