Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Today - the trade is BRK/B Berkshire Hathaway

I began the trade when BRK/B when the price (on the daily chart) hit the 200 DMA - it stayed at that price and in a few plus $ for 2 to 3 15min patterns until it slowly began to climb (my entry was at 11am EST) it is now 1:30 EST and I am plus $200 - If it goes up to $4 or $500 and returns to +$200 I'll take the gain and get out.
Otherwise, I'll remain in until a chart pattern changes increasing the possibility or retracing the price below.
It is now 11:30 MST (2:30 EST) I am also increasing my position by 50% at this time. The stock has begun "basing" for this past 3 15 min chart intervals, as it approaches +$300 (11:45 MST) - At noon the price has moved up to the 20 DMA (Daily Moving Average) a slight resistance - interesting if it will move through...yes
it's now 12:25 and I am at +$600 - It hit an NR7 (narrowest bar in the last 15 min bars)  at PP (Pivot Point - neutral)  and moved right up through...looking good. It's now 12:30 and as it moves up +$700 volume is beginning to edge up - all good signs.... moving toward R-1 (PP + 1) - I'm heading out for awhile - so I put in a $.25 trailing stop order in - to protect most of my gain....Orivoir!
....Back with an hour to go in the market.  The stock has been basing for the past 6 15min bars at trailing stop has remained at the same position as when I left.  Although It has great potential to move up I have decided to take my gain at +$ other positions - Long Term Call options in Sprint and Cisco Systems are retreating slightly from big advancements 3 days ago.... end of day for me - here.................................>

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