Saturday, December 18, 2010

Solar Camping courtesy of the US Army

My experience 2 Golf Cart Batteries (in my Rig) charge in a full day that is totally cloudy - and 1/2 day full sunshine Western USA.  That is even if electricity is being used during the days. A 12v system would require 2 6v golf cart batteries and a 24v. System - 4 golf cart batteries. For good quality of life - I would have 8 Golf Cart batteries - less than $1,000 (wired in series.) Propane tanks would power, Hot Water, Refrigerators, Stoves. I would say, looking at the quality of this set-up the green tent would be about $5,000 (unfurnished) the Solar pannel Fly Tarp about $7,500 and a few misc items, extra panels, etc. $2,500. that's about $15,000 and it would be a permanent home camp - summer/ winter except for heavy snowfall (rockies, 5,000 elevation, etc. The US Government is probably paying $50,000 a piece because the government likes to get fucked by their friends. A Yurt of equal Size would cost about 15,000 and the solar
panels on the roof about $3000.  Lots of choices here - The quality of life would be as good as the right male/female companion chosen sans children - a few side regular tents for guests and family - less than 72 hour limit. don't forget a good full time dog.
PS. Don't buy the land, there are plenty of people with great quiet land who would rent. Set-up time would be about (preliminary at home loading 1/2 day) On site set-up full day, including tweaking to perfection, etc.
Setting up camp and breaking down camp is an Art!

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