Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Billing Arab (and African) Country for Services Rendered takes Balls!

Iraq and Libya are very rich countries - When the changes are complete - the money will roll in faster than they can spend it.  USA has spent about $150 Million in two days in Libya and probably 1/2 Trillion$ in Iraq.
There is no question that we have provided the major impetus in causing changes in their countries - we should be billing them our cost.  they can pay it out over 5 years for Libya and Iraq 20 years - with a simple annual interest rate of 2.5%....Fair and Reasonable?  A bill for services creates respect!

While we are at it, Swiss Banks is harboring stolen $$$$ from us by dictators and enemies.  Is Switzerland our Enemy - Yes!  Open all their accounts and if any $$$ cannot be accounted for by the holders - then the $$$should be confiscated and returned to the Victims (countries, companies amd sect groups)  people who allow themselves to be abused command no respect... want respect - Send the Bill, Invade Swiss Banks - do the unpleasant Job! you'll get plenty of respect! Very few leaders have children when they are in charge - maybe their balls don't work - "The Peter Principle"

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