Monday, March 21, 2011

Can you write a Story in 6 words - exactly 6 words?

Six - Word Memoirs  a book by Famous and obscure writers, published by Smith Magazine

Not Quite what I was Planning
Woman Seeks Men - High Pain Threshold
I have not done it all.
A man, a plan, hot damn
My second grade teacher was right
A Brooklyn Lawyer. Sewer to Sue-er
Underachieving...But willing to overcompensate halfheartedly
Ran East, Ran West, Ran late
Climbing, Crack, Porn, still bored
Blade Cuts, Blood Runs, Scars Remain
Tequila. Amnesia. Coincidence? I think Not
Never finished anything, except Cake.
Liars, Hysterectomy didn't improve sex life!
Was Big Boy, now little man.
Memory was my drug of choice.
(more to come)

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