Wednesday, March 30, 2011

To Wear a Helmet...or not - Bicycle - casual riding

Boise, Idaho: Wed Mar 30 2011 09:08:59 GMT-0600 (Mountain Daylight Time - Idaho Statesman (Boise Newspaper)

"It appears as if 53-year-old Michael K. Freeman was riding a bike across a field in the early morning hours Tuesday and did not see a dry irrigation ditch when he crashed and suffered a fatal head injury."

Some comments:  " A helmet will not save you from breaking a neck"

"here comes the 'ditch safety' legislation. they'll drop kindergarten through 3rd grade to pay for it."

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In a big open flat field - here in Idaho - iof the brush has been cleared on both sides of the ditch - optically (plowed field visual line of sight)  it is hard to see there is a "break" ( ditch.)  It was 4 feet deep and probably more than 6 feet wide - he went over the handle bars and hit the opposite side of the ditch

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