Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Do not short Sprint Nextel Corporation (S)

Sprint Nextel Corporation (S) weekly chart analysis ;
1) The big picture ; Still stuck in a tight price channel
2) We did get a typical GVN condition yesterday ; Gap, Volume ...
 but the News could be subject to interpretations ....
3) Allow at least 10 days to see how Sprint acts around its 
"reliable support ?" ..... (about 4/1)
4) Do not short 
- per Alpha Global Investors

I exited $S @ 4.96 on the rise for a +
Of course, I had seen it go to 5.15 in
dismay... waiting to re-enter at a lower #
Now Im very happy and still waiting to re-enter

ATT has offered T-Mobile $1150 per perscriber
That makes $S undervalued by $10+ conservatively 

Sprint has 50 million subscribers add to it 1/2 interest in Clearwire subtract from it Value of customer plans vs T and VZ and lets call it even - 50 million Customers X $1150 per perscriber = and rounded $60 Billion in total value (let's say) Shares outstanding 3 billion Value $20.00 lets discount for challengers of the numbers and say $15.00  now selling at less than $5   WTF! the value is 3X the going price!!!

So... now a challengers (distractors) 
with a smile on his/her face and asks "What's the Burn Rate?"
forget about profit and loss - last net annual Cash Flow + $5Billion that's plus five billion dollars - So where is value deterioration in the future.  

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