Sunday, March 27, 2011

Running Out of Oxygen

There are many events, places and people that cause me to Run Out of Oxygen:

"Boy, that's right...I do get antsy and bored with conversations, when I'm stuck at a dinner party with people that were not my choice to be with just then. Just get an overwhelming feeling of wanting to escape, or drink!" - Running out of Oxygen

Having a discussion with someone who constantly talks about themselves or a couple talking about their life - they are the entire discussion - and when it is over - I know more than I need to know about their lives - and they know nothing about me - Running out of Oxygen

Watching NASCAR on TV in a Bar, or someone's home - Running out of Oxygen

Actually Watching any sporting event on TV, (Except Boise State University football - and Tiger Woods when his playing is "on") - running out of Oxygen

Listening to someone who is dedicated to a "Cause" as though there were no other side or interest in their lives - Running out of Oxygen

Having my life disrupted by traffic that causes more than 1/2 hour delay in reaching my destination - Running out of Oxygen.

Being talked into an event or social situation that would never have been my choice under any circumstance.   - Running out of Oxygen.

Having an appointment - of any kind - where and for whatever reason 1/2 hour has lapsed without any extraordinary explanation for the delay.

Waiting is a trap. There will always be reasons to wait. The truth is, there are only two things in life, reasons and results, and reasons simply don't count." 

 - Running out of Oxygen

People who are late by more than 15 minutes (especially if it habitual) - sometimes I purposely disappear for their arrival - Ran out of Oxygen

People who get criticized "correctly" and become offended - as a tact. - Well, I don't even wait to run out of Oxygen - I just walk away from that person and keep my distance. 

I have several bad habits, I know of:
Talking too much and losing interest by others - PLEASE - Interrupt me - I'll thank you.

Interrupting other people when "I get it" has lapsed in my mind...yes indeed I interrupt them with a "change" in subject that "throws them out of thought" 

I'll always take criticism nicely and accept it - if I concur, even if on the outside it makes sense. 

there is more and I will append this list, and update it regularly.

Paul Peachin, (Warrior, offender, honest and painfully direct!)

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