Thursday, December 4, 2008

A Solution in Search of a Problem - $ 3 Trillion

Everyone is picking away at the $750 Billion rescue money - wasted on the likes of the Acquisition of Bear Stearns, by JP Morgan, the 2 bail outs (so far) of AIG Insurance Co. - Forcing some on the large 8 banks to take some - now the Automobile Companies - Avis is now looking for some of it. It is said it will probably increase to $3 Trillion before they know where they are. Actually, they don't know at this time when the signal will come that one of the placements will turn the country's economic problems around - stay tuned - the line is gathering at the "Give out Window"

It wasn't long ago that the Great Orator Everett Dirkson, Illinois Seanator made a statement about a budget item - "“A billion here, a billion there, pretty soon it adds up to real money.”!"

He had a slow voice that sounded like it came out of a pack of Cigarettes - A vocal cocktail part Lyndon Johnson part Paul Harvey - and a thousand packs of Chesterfield, Camel or Lucky Strike - no filter tip - A la carte - All entertainment!

Everett Dirkson, today would be considered
Beyond Right Wing, Beyond Evangelistas,
a peg, standing alone, in the extreme right
field. Also, a friend of Lyndon Johnson,
big liberal from the south

Everett Dirkson
1896 - 1969 died of Lung Cancer

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