Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A (new to me) Google Feature - Google Desktop

Google offered me a new feature called "Google Desktop"
I rate this feature along with Mozilla, Netvibes, and Flickr
as the Best Downloads I have added to my computer in the
last 36 months.

Google Desktop - will, when doing a Web Search, also
search my Hard Drive and Cache and give me "the where
it is located" - like trying to find something you have searched
before - and you would like to go back to that specific search.

Download Google Desktop - Go to Preferences. Within Preferences
are four tabs. The first tab "Desktop Search" First area within:
Check - Enable Content Indexing

Next: Search Types - check all that you use and at the bottom
check (of that section) Check "secure pages in web history"

Go Down a few categories to "Google Integration"
Check -"Show Desktop Search Results in Google Web Search"
Across the top tabs go to "Other" and check - Enable Safe Browsing

Now when you do a Google Search you will get both a web search
and a "within your computer search - including a previous specific
area you would like to get back to.

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