Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Suicide Watch - Dead Men Walking as I write.

Suicide is condemning yourself to death. First you visit "Hell on Earth" - the real and only hell - then you see that every turn available is unacceptable. Anxiety reaches astronomical levels, Searching for the way - out of this hell. You eliminate social contact around your life, including intimates - they cannot help, only interfere - It's a private matter of the utmost, and can only be experienced by one. There are many ways to commit suicide - the internet has thorough discussions, mostly by people who have failed. It behooves everyone to learn the best method for themselves - and then to fine tune the procedure - so that success is guaranteed. How to Point the Gun, what pills to take, the importance of the plastic bag and rubberband - unless of course you're going to jump or drown yourself (messy.) There is a point in anyone's life (anyone!) that suicide becomes a thought, moved up to an option, moved up to a plan and "Execution." It is...the perfect crime!

Today, The first suicide has been announced in the "Bernie Madoff ponsi scheme" potentially ripping off or losing up to $50 Million of other peoples money.

Thierry Magon de La Villehuchet, who ran a fund that invested with Bernard Madoff, was found dead at his office today in an apparent suicide. De la Villehuchet, 65, was a co-founder and chief executive officer of Access International Advisors, according to a marketing document. Access, based in New York, invested $1.4 billion with Madoff.

Before founding Access in 1994 with Patrick Littaye, de La Villehuchet was chairman and CEO of Credit Lyonnais Securities USA, the U.S. investment banking arm of the French bank, according to Access marketing documents. Prior to joining Credit Lyonnais in 1987, he ran Interfinance, an international broker firm specializing in French, Belgian and Italian stock markets that he founded in 1983.

More to come - a Certainty!

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