Thursday, December 4, 2008

To My Family and Friends - My plans for 2009

Ponte di veia Verona
Ponte di veia Verona

From December 1st, continuing at Pleasant Harbor, Lake Pleasant 15 miles west of Cave Creek, AZ. In early March, flying to Brooklyn to Visit Lily.At the end of March I plan to move (from Cave Creek, AZ) to Kernville, Ca. for a month. I'll be taking some Whitewater instruction from Sierra South on the Kern River - snow melt from the Sierra Mtn Range. In May, I'll be heading to the Payette River, North of Boise, ID Cascade Kayak School in Horseshoe Bend, Idaho, June is open for somewhere in Idaho or Oregon and then in late June thru August to Stanley Idaho, north of Sun Valley - the Salmon River. That's it till Labor Day. In the early fall, I'll be heading toward some of the rivers in Utah - Time frame unknown - leading back to Pleasant Harbor by November 1st through March of 2010. I have found that plans are a structure not always to be followed - any influence to my life can change my direction 360 degrees, except for staying in the general area of the 13 Western States of the United States. On my 70th Birthday, I'm moving to Verona, Italy to spend the remainder of my life - consuming the wine, food and scenic comfort of the area - closest Airport - Milan - closest neighbor Croatia, to the east, Switzerland to the north, France to the west and the Mediterranean Sea to the south. Dreams are my initial step to planning. I plan on sending my Daughter and her mom a year ahead to locate the best place for me to live - the two best minds I know for the task!

P.S. there is a race going on for my 70th birthday - will I just be running out of cash - or will I be saved by a resurrected Stock Market?

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