Friday, July 20, 2012

My Vacation Post - Pillow Magic

This is my Vacation Post. I started my trip up to Crouch, Idaho Last (Sunday) to vacate my personal random access memory – do some kayaking – and look at the world out the door of my Rig. After a day or two of experiencing “dreams of the past” I realized that my pillow cases were stale and needed washing. I also was waiting for something in the Mail… so, I traveled back to Boise 1.5 hours (Wednesday) – checked on the Mail and did laundry, did some shopping for supplies and Returned to Hot Springs Campground – based on the Southfork of the Payette river. There is a medium sized structure that holds the inflow of the hot springs to an overflow. I would say the temperature of the Water is about 110 degrees and just below the river is at about 55 degrees. I spent several sessions in the hot springs pool – and then plunged in the river. Jackpot would not go into the hot water.
I have always held the “thinking” if you want to change your dreams – get a new pillow. Well the freshly washed pillow cases – worked and took some fairly negative dreams of the previous days – have turned to “floating in the Sky” type dreams.
I have gone down the river twice since I have been here – it is very refreshing. I have spent some time in Crouch where the Crouch Merch – has wireless. I have no cell signal here.
It is now Thursday, and since last evening, “paddlers” have been arriving, a group from Utah, a group from Oregon, A group from BSU … the campground is filling up with Kayaks and Rafts leaning against tree lines everywhere, Their water clothing hanging on the lines… etc.
I have always lived by my motto: "The Road Provides"…. And it certainly does.
I am considering extending my vacation – which was originally from Sunday to Sunday – I’ll see how I feel this coming Sunday.
I love the 5 mile stretch on the Southfork - great memories - once of a storm, with all kinds of wildlife - scary Thunder and a good partner to paddle with.... There is always intresting stuff to see on Southfork to The Convergence.
 Today, I'm going to Banks and try to pick up some folks to paddle with... with the intention to get a ride back from the take out.... The Days temperatures rise to a high about 3:30 to 8:pm  still daylight - temps approaching 105 degrees - yet the next morning the temps start in the low 60's.
Jackpot is happy, yet I have to leave him under my rig when I leave, as the surface is cool and he is tied loosely with access to water.

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