Tuesday, July 3, 2012

"A Better Way to Manage Overhead Bin Space On Airlines"

This is an article paraphrased by me, the better written by my friend Dr. Duru in his daily e-mail and (Adapted from the original post at The Thought Blog at Ahan Analytics, LLC) - could be called "Flying A la carte."

Beginning with the "Golden Age" of the Airline industry somewhere between the late 1940's and the 1960's.  Everyone traveled in comfort... the seats were comfortable, many traveled in more formal attire, plenty of space for luggage of any kind and a small surcharge for pets in containers placed in a pressurized luggage area.  The food was pretty good, served by Stewardesses.  

There were no "early" anythings, a shuttle between well traveled routes were cheap and on the every half hour (Boston to NYC $10 each way - Eastern Airlines - during the early morning to early evening) Of course there was one drawback - prop engines - louder than jets.

We are now in the 21st Century of flying - best price - uncertain, mileage gimmickry, pay for luggage, pay for better seats, soon to be, pay for overhead bin space other than use only "under-seat" free so far - luggage space. That would limit the bags to about 16" X 16" by maybe 10" - otherwise pay for your bag.  If your flight was from a large airport going to a smaller airport - they may interrupt your flight - and take the plane to a more profitable flight and tell you your plane had technical problems - which why it was used where the technical problems originated. 

Where am I going with this post?

I recently read that many of the airline stocks are selling near their most recent highs.... much like a "flower blooms before it dies!"

Best to design your life where airline travel is a rare occasion.

Create an attitude that airline travel is there for emergencies, well planned vacations - paid for and reserved at least 2 seasons in advance (Spring for Fall travel) Mid-September through October is the best time to travel, as everyone thinks that is the best time to stay at home and enjoy Fall. 

If airline travel is a way of life for you - be prepared to be cheated, insulted and lied to by the airlines.  Their financial comfort is based on how much discomfort they can sell you... and having you in their clutches.

"Thank you for Flying United Fucking Airlines - we are here to serve you!"

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