Friday, July 6, 2012

Whitewater - July 15 to July 22 (this coming weekend) Southfork/Main Class I, II to II+ - Payette River

These are the new dates that have been rescheduled from the prior week:

There are two campgrounds - Tie Creek- although more rustic - 9 miles out of Crouch then another 5+ miles to Hot Springs put-in
For Convenience, I will be staying at the Hot Springs Campground (assuming there is space when I get there) It is less rustic but much more convenient. The Put-in on the Southfork for the Hot springs - Convergence Run is just across the street. I'll be there starting July 15th - for some days or all the time till July 22.
I also plan to start in the water about 11am - noon. At 8am, every morning I'll be at the (new) Crouch Merch - on my computer for anyone wishing to join us or other notices that you might make.
I'm looking not only to float the Southfork, but also possibly parts of the main of equal Class... or any other suggestions that are put forward.
I will, of course be using a "Vest" and Helmet -
I will have in inflatable and a hardshell. I have done the Southfork - Convergence run 5 times mostly - at this time of year. It is very nice and not boring.
Knowing if you are coming would be nice... e-Mail day before or early morning of the day would be appreciated.
There is no phone service for me (sprint) there. You will see this Rig parked at the Campground


A possibility Beehive Bend to Horseshoe Bend - 9 mile Run. I have rafted Beehive Bend to Horseshoe bend - but not in my Kayak. It is slightly Higher class (II to III-) depending on river flow. On just a little more difficult at Mile 3.5 (Climax Rapid - I would like to see it from the road - don't like surprises! - including from mile 3.5 to 5.0)

I hope I can corral 4+ people for our runs - it is also pretty easy to pick-up others making the same run.....

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