Friday, February 24, 2012

Coming: Boise - A Point of View

A 2nd Blog by la grande ...... and the purpose of the Blog:
"There are many wonderful things about Boise to note.  There are also better ways to do business in Boise.  The Quality of Doing Business in Boise, includes fairness, openness, truth and honesty.  This Blog will highlight known good business techniques prevailing in Boise.  It will also provide Names of Businesses who use deceptive practices and less than honest dealings. Politically, there are accommodations to special interests, real or perceived. There is many times, complacency to correct obvious problems, whether it be the City, City Park System or ACHD."

The focus will be Local Businesses with adverse business practices. Government issues as well as ACHD and the Boise Park System. On the other hand, A business that provides "above and beyond" goods or services will be praised here. Lists of "The Best" will be updated and current (an over and over presentation - well deserved) Any information provided by outside sources will be confirmed (Ronald Regan - "Trust but Verify!")

An ad will be placed in the Idaho Statesman* leading interested readers to pursue some issues that will be of interest.  The ad will be published 7 times - afterward - the momentum and "word" will elevate the page "hits" - along with a "page hit counter"  

The Idaho Statesman derives their revenue from local businesses, and political as well as social acceptance - to avoid controversy, they cannot control in some way, they will not directly print the issues that will be discussed on this blog. They only come in after the fact (Court stuff) and "finish off" the adverse target. 

Targets will be provided (our perceived issues) in advance and this site will post their views - if timely returned.  Letters from Lawyers mean nothing and will also be posted along with the Lawyers name, name of the firm,  and a reply including the lawyer as part of the problem.   Thank God for The Web!
The Motto of this site: "The Golden Rule"

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