Saturday, February 25, 2012

Caton Parelli, Jim and Karen Hagen at the J Bar K Ranch - Angel's Camp, California

Caton was born with hydrocephaly and had a stroke very young. Hydrocephalus in lay terms is "Water on the Brain."  In 2011 he began flu like symptoms that were occurring every 2 weeks or so, As it turns out the shunt that was put in when he was 3 months old has deteriorated to the point that it is probably only working a 20% . What that means is that the cerebral spinal fluid that he produces causes pressure on his brain which is what has caused his flu like symptoms and balance issues. He went in for "Brain Repair" last year - and he is now doing "cakewalks" (a swagger) around the Ranch @Pat Parelli's in Colorado 

Caton is the son of Pat Parelli and Karen Hagen.  I have spent more than several months spread out over 5 years at the J Bar K Ranch, in Angels Camp, California. The Home of Jim and Karen Hagen. many of my visits were during the time Caton was visiting his mother. Karen (Karen Parelli) is an "out of the lime-light" horse and people trainer who was also the photographer in Pat Parelli's famous Western Horseman's Book "Natural Horse-Man-ship"

J Bar K was a unique ranch, where a diverse group of people met to work their horses, trail ride, clean stalls, clean stalls, feed, clean stalls and above all have a good time. Caton spent a good deal of time on horseback and joking with all around the barn. Although he spoke of having a big truck and horse trailer, there was no intention of him getting "a Rig" I guess his determination payed off, as his dad - covered his dream. Everyone waited at the end of the day, til all were in from chores and had dinner together, usually between 9 and 11pm. A good time was had by all!   

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