Sunday, October 16, 2011

I guess, I'll start with this one - it looks like something that works everywhere on your body - and anywhere with some weight in your hand.

 Turkish Getup
Why it works: When people first hear of the "Turkish getup", their typical reaction is to chuckle. Then they try the exercise. No one chuckles after that -- at least not if they do it right. At its core, the Turkish getup is a super-simple movement: You lie on your back, holding a kettlebell or dumbbell above one shoulder. Then you simply stand up, while keeping the weight above you at all times. This not only helps build total-body strength -- including your core -- it’s also a great way to torch calories. But as simple as it sounds, there are plenty hard-to-notice details that can help you get the most out of this move. So watch the video to learn the seven steps of the Turkish getup. A good place to start: Do 3 reps -- or "getups" -- with each arm; rest 60 seconds, and repeat one more time. As fitness expert David Jack says: "Get this exercise right, and it will do amazing things for your body." (On the flip side, there are surprising things that can hurt your body: High Heels Can Make A Woman's Breasts Sag - check out men's health - search.) "I don't know how women can stand up in those 5" high heels - but it appears something else may not stand up for long" I like the concept - an almost "flat" woman with flat shoes.....

Not just for men - this woman does it even better - Good Girl!!!

ps. I started with 10 pound "Dumbbell (2 X 5lb)

3 reps up and down on one side - 1 minute break - 3 reps up and down on the other side... next week 3 on each side - twice....moderately increase weight to suit "That Was Easy"
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