Friday, October 14, 2011

Boise This Weekend

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Most Important activity for Boise this weekend - Boise State vs. Colorado State - Football - 4pm, Saturday, in Colorado.

Boise - City Parks Department has begun developing it's largest Park Complex (entrance out my front door On Stewart Avenue) and 5 lane road (one lane being middle - landscaped) From State Street to the I-184 extension...)
The Greenbelt has been closed between the beginning of Quinn's Pond to Veterans Park.  The Boise River will be rerouted through the eastern part of Quinn's pond and back to its main run on the western end of Quinn's Pond. Leaving a dry section to be developed into hydraulics which, when finished, will create a Whitewater Run able to be manipulated from class l thru Class V wave/turbulent system. Idaho River Sports (the store and rental of water sports equipment) will be inside the park with a future Restaurant planned.  There will be sports and recreation fields and a beach built on Quinn's Pond.
Everyone in the neighborhood is very excited - Yesterday was the beginning of lots of Heavy Equipment moving and cleaning up the vacant land awaiting this project.  This will go on for 3 months (phase 1) 6 days a week - 10 hour days.
The entire area south of the North end, East of Veterans Park, west of Ann Morrison Park bordering the Boise River to its south, is yet to be named. The Park will have a shared name - Esther Simplot Park and Ray Neff, M.D. River Recreation Park. Rezoning is being planned for the development of the entire neighborhood - including the 27th Street being down sized from 4 lanes to 2 lanes plus a center lanscape/turn lane.

What else is happening in Boise - Great Weather in the 70's full sunshine and hundreds of events described in two weekly news magazines.

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