Saturday, August 13, 2011

almost three months ago, I set out personally, to resurrect something that I lost....some heady shit!

It was my May 18th post.- 3 Full Moons ago - Whatever it was, it has disappeared this past week. (permanently, I hope) Time to move forward.  Recently, I became more comfortable making Larger trades with controls that protect me.... I'm approaching my 69th Birthday - in a week.  I have changed some of my daily habits and my life has changed along with those changes....from 5pm to 3am this morning (a celebration of sorts) I have fasted, drinking wine during the 10 hours I passed the time listening to my ipod hooked up to sound - pretty loud and consumed a fair amount "leaf" to balance out the time - we'll, I'll be moving on... just in time for fall - a favorite season. What's to come? - I wonder....

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