Monday, August 22, 2011

Rick Perry: Middle Income Americans Don't Pay Enough Income Taxes

Before we get into the Texan Mind - we have to see how "in disarray" The republican party is.  Finally, after getting a "D" in economics at college we find him with good hair and good looks as the Governor of Texas - What a fucking idiot!

If you are not a native Texan. You'll have a hard time understanding anything coming out of Texas. Here is a man who aims a pistol at his balls, takes a shot and misses, picks up a more powerful pistol and, tries again and misses...Come on Rick...Pick up the double barrel shotgun, take a good look down the barrel - can you see light, yes - put your big toe on the triggers while you load both barrels - keep looking down the barrels - can you see him laughing, nary a hair out of place - lean forward and catch your balance with your toes... Yes, that's right Rick.

N/B The American Press (sans Fox, of course) has purchased shovels and a "Virtual Plot of Land"  They're all drooling waiting for the Whistle.

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