Sunday, August 14, 2011


It's been a good day - jack and I went out and around 10 miles - about 95 degrees - stopped twice to let him in the river chasing stones... he won't dive for them however.  Home tuned up a newer guest bike which wasn't clicking on all gears..... Gave Jack a raw beef rib... treated his pads... about an hour later... we went out again... about 3 miles around.....Came home at 7, wine, leaf and salad (hard boiled egg, Tomato, broccoli, green beans, mushrooms, small amount of lettuce and a dressing made out of peanut sauce, Valdalia Onions, sesame ginger....and other stuff.... I have a heavy white plate (oval) with the ends cutoff - so that it can go around in the microwave.... I placed about 2 large serving spoons of an "add along" bowel of Beans and lentils.... heated it up.... moved it back across the middle of the plate for its 1/2 interest in the plate.  I didn't mix the salad I just dumped it over on it's 1/2 of the plate (yes, it's a big plate) poured myself a glass of Valpolicella . and mixed the salad as I ate it and the beans/lentils... smoked some more leaf, drank some more wine

(If you are just bored to death reading my bull shit Hit the "x" with your pointer and move over to something like "Angry Birds!")

When I was six years old (1948) we had a thin old man, Giles,  come to do outside house work.  He would come in for lunch and he had - a flattened out soup bowl with more than a few slices of white bread... He put sugar on the bread and then poured whole milk over the bread to near the top of the bowel.  That's what old men ate (I thought when I was 6) for lunch.

It was a good Sunday... Tomorrow at 3am the markets on the pacific rim will be closing and London will be opening I've got my coffee in bed with Bloomberg (radio Tom Keene) telling me what I should know already...I'll sign in about 5am and see what happened to US stocks in an overnight non-trading (to me) market as and at 6am the pre-market opens in NY - everyone can trade it - except for options - (no pre -market) until Wall St opens at 9:30 - My day has opened slowly until the full force of "Greed" erupts. (This week happens to be Options Expiration week (happens monthly) Very large money tries to "PIN" stocks so they can't lose - as the price pinned causes the most losses between puts and calls)

If I haven't made a trade between (6am and 8:30 Mtn Time) I'll take the morning off - I check in with what I'm watching on my Android. including about 6 friends who are posting while they are trading (they are smarter than I) - If nothing looks like something I would like... I may take the remainder of the day.

What do you want to do when you grow up?..... I'm doing it, late, but I got here.

Interesting about being a trader... after you painfully learn how to lose, you begin to learn how to win more than you lose.... you find a "nitch" that works for you - you don't trade what others trade - maybe some (your way) and finally, after learning and mentally earning and losing - your eyes focus on a familiar type of set-up and your gut takes over... Eyes, Brain, Gut - I remember when I got that together in my prior field... in horses and dogs.... it gives one self-respect.

It's getting dark (about 9PM) just a few weeks ago it was after 10. Moving right along through summer - my week goes Sunday Monday Friday Saturday and then repeats it... Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday - takes not space, no time....blip blip blip and again it's Friday...
Just saw a show on PubTV "Alzheimers" (Don't even think about it!)
Listened to NPR about the significance of of 1492 Christopher Columbus sailing the seven diseases  - germs, disease, livestock,  foreign insects and bugs and its effect on Man....eventually Earth. 1 out of 6 died as a result of mixing the worlds problems and solutions.. ships back and forth, and back and forth ....cross pollinating everything from everywhere.
The book is titled "1493" by a man named Mann.

Looking forward to "The Shakespeare Festival" here in Boise - "Taming of the Shrew" Wednesday...

Time to go out Jack!

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