Sunday, October 31, 2010

Stocks will jump about 7% at the end of the 2nd Q 2011
The Economy will continue to grow steadily
Obama will lose the White House in 2012

Remember, the folks who started the Great French Revolution
were not there when it had been completed. Just the facts Folks!

My predictions (FWIW)
"Might over Right" - The big chemical companies, Oil, Insurance
Wall Street - will survive it all.
Right Wing Religion will take a Fall (as it should!)
The free'er sexual encounters get, the less interested people will get driven by Money, Social and Family problems unforeseen - Mental Depression thrives.
The Good Old Days 1990 to 2000
The Children of the 1970's thru 1980 will be come a driving force in change.
The Almighty Dollar will still be the real "Religion" of America.
Microsoft will once again become a driving force to reckon with
Steven Jobs will not survive his next bout with Cancer
There will be a new socio-economic class in America - 10% permanently Unemployed.
Gated Communities will become gettos of little value

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