Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Jeremy - A most favorite "Can I Help you" at Dandelion Wine - Drinking Wine In Brooklyn: Reveals All (and more)!

On Tasting and Sending Back Wine By The Glass:
* When ordering by the glass, smell and taste it. If it smells or tastes bad, have server taste it.
* Ask which bottle was opened more recently. You don’t want a bottle that has been open for more than a couple of days.
* Questions you should ask your server: Whats your best selling wine? Is there one that the server likes?
* If you want to send something back, they should take it back. A Sommalier can tell without a doubt if a wine has gone bad.
* Signs a Wine is bad: (1) If there is a complete lack of fruit, that means it’s corked, (2)  If mishandled and red, it will taste acidic and vinegary, or effervescent– not to be confused with a sparking red.
Get Educated and Drink for FREE:
Dandelion Wine has free wine tastings on Thursdays 6-9pm. This is THE place to get educated on wine without the suffocating crowds and bank-breaking-ness.
When All Else Fails, Know Your Importers:
Kermit Lynch* and Neil Rosenthal are 2 importers with great palates, most of their stuff is solid. If you don’t have a sophisticated palate and you just want to choose a decent glass of wine, ask your server if they have anything from these guys. Also a plus, you’ll totally sound like you know what you’re talking about.
*available at Boise Co-Op

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