Thursday, October 14, 2010

La Grande Dame - Lily Echo - Dandelion Wine

Autumn is here and the new season of FGTG starts October 26th.
I've got a lot of new things lined up and its going to be an exciting season. October is also my birthday month and I expect lots of invitations to share a glass or two. Libras rock!!
The season kicks off with Stefanie Schwalb popping into Bottlerocket to chat with owner Tom Geniesse. Bottlerocket is a truly unique and fun wineshop and Tom shares his vision with us. Stefanie is also searching for wines that go with take-out Thai and macaroons for dessert. Is Tom up to the challenge? Don't miss this episode.
Our Women & Wine series is hosted by Zwann Grays. Women are starting to make some serious waves in the industry and Zwann is there to take us behind the scenes. The series starts when we visit Alie Shaper of BOE Wines, in the planning stages of setting up the "Tasting Room" in Williamsburg. Alie is a crackerjack wine maker determined to create great wine.

Garry Timms and I are shooting a segment in Greenpoint, Brooklyn with Lily the owner of Dandelion Wines on October 14th, 7 - 10pm. Lily is hosting one of her fabulous wine tastings. Stop in, taste some wine and who knows, you may end up on the show. Her shop is fantastic and the wine selection is supreme.
We ran into Bret from Wine Cellar Sorbet and can I say DELICIOUS!!!! He can't give away the recipe but we will swing by for a sit down with BIG, BIG spoons.
We will air a spoof on the Dating Game called Date that Grape. The team had a blast doing it and I know you will love it. It's kitchy, silly and fun.
Grab your glasses and get ready. It's all about you and me and the mighty grape and I can definitely drink to that.