Saturday, October 31, 2009

Trading into Monday, Some thoughts about Patterns, Clint Eastwood and The Full Moon

T2108 (and MACD included within) called the turn within one day - 5 to 6 trading days ago - as I related in a post THEN.$spxa50r

More on MACD:

More on T2108 - Search T2108 and read from Trader Mike and Dr. Duru

I have been trading - in the past few days - with 3 15 min Bars/Volume... the profits are greater for less $ in... as the $VIX moved up (what?) 25% yesterday -

What are you watching - what are your signals - what are you missing not using Bar Charts w/ Volume of Course if you have increased the value of your trading account by atleast 125% in the past 6 months well then, what you are using is working well - even atleast 60% - less than that - well you have to look at how centered you are in your trading. Winning is about "how you do it" not what you are (bear/bull/fool) like Clint Eastwood in "The Unforgiven" - slow down and make every shot count - listen to the writer questioning him when he "dropped" the room - "Who did you shoot first? Why, then Who?, etc"

Listen to Whohoo - "so if we get to 950 to 960 area dont u guys think we should be balls deep long" 950 - 960 Why, but when the price gets there - what is happening at the moment - that is how you make your decision - don't pull your gun out and pull the trigger at a # - pull the trigger because a "set-up" is present - and only then!

Finally, in more times than not, The Full Moon represents change. Astrologers differ on the Draw of the Full Moon - does it begin 3 to 4 days prior - or does change occur - within hours, minutes. The Markets have made a change starting last week - so...does that continue as the change or will a change occur on Monday.

I believe the White House made a proper decision in "calling out Fox TV" if the tables were reversed... and a program about abortion appeared on another network - the right wing would call out "The Guard" and intimidate the advertisers. It's time to shove their own medicine up their asses.

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