Saturday, October 3, 2009

Verizon - unfortunately balks at correcting Mistake

Verizon and RIMM - Rush to Market a year ago with "The Storm" - they have tried to change the programs, etc - but the big problem still remains - probably Hardware - It is "low rated" everywhere by almost everyone. It is being dumped by Verizon at very cheap prices - and... and
RIMM is hurrying out an update - Too BAD for the folks who relied on the manufacturer and Verizon - we all signed 2 year contracts on good faith. At this time the following equipment is "new generation" and high rated - iPhone and the Palm Pre - the rest are 2nd rate. A new and faster Broadband is arriving in 4G - where ATT and Verizon are scurrying to match...but not ready, while there are more than 10 markets (cities) that have 4G w/Clear (who?) Oh, yes, backed by Intel, Google, Sprint and some other deep pockets.

Between my Storm and Broadband Card I am paying more than $150 - for services on October 3, 2009 (today) are last generation and outdated...

The Storm did not come out with planned obsolescence - it came out obsolete! Slow, Sure Type poor keyboard - lots of redundancy - inconsistent - screen providing what was not asked for - some freezes after their corrections - afterall all the updates most of the problems are still present - so they are coming out with a Storm 2 (why - hardware cannot be corrected with updates)

Verizon is stonewalling - and about to lose me after 15+ years.

These are times where we should not accept - profit squeezing at the customer's expense

Good Bye Southwest Airlines (Chase) credit card who watered down the benefits and held their fees - Now I have a Schwab Visa Card and get automatic deposit of 2% monthly for my use

Good Bye General Motors - who failed me in producing a quality $50,000 Diesel Truck

Good Bye Cabelas - who was equal to LLBean - and is now a schlock house

My Dentist - who was patronizing me for profit. The new dentist - is on the right track and as good or better - If you live near Cave Creek - I would on

Good Bye - PC - Microsoft cannot even upgrade XP to Win7 without having you buy Vista - Moving toward Apple Mac - late winter

More to come - Verizon is on the Good Bye Bench - along with 6 other companies I deal with.


After much correspondence and a phone call Verizon realizes that they are losing a 15 year $30,000 account (for 15 years) while I have a goodbye fee of $175 - It will be interesting to see how a big company loses a long-time customer over a cost to them of about $500 (3 months current bills.) Lets see how a giant company makes micro economic decisions - I also related that I would sign an agreement not to divulge any deal.

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