Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I read the posts here about "when" I'm too old to have all the technical data that many of you have mastered.

Look - it's simple for me - after the market closes on Tuesday, October 13, Intel will report earnings - and "Talk the Talk" - that will tell me more about where I'm going and the market is going than all the "Talking Heads, and hundreds of subscribed and free guru sites on the Web.

full disclosure:
a full up load of INTC calls January 2012 - deep in the money - runs penny for penny with the stock
Long Term Stock position in PWE Dividend yield 10.81% (stock price $11 in July $15 now)
Long Term CLWR various date calls, in the money
Long Term Calls PALM various dates deep in the money (held and rolled for two years)
Stock Position in UNG since early September - thanks to Tim - still holding.
Long-Term Calls GE deep in the money - not doing much + or -
If GE begins to break-up and keep their Core (which is not consumer, entertainment or financial)
strip that value out and something will happen - GE cannot go forward as a Dinosaur.

My trading account is waiting for the VIX to get off the toilet - closed below 27 today -

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