Saturday, May 9, 2009

This Picture represents my current problem - 24/7

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I live by a primary motto created by Charlie Brown
"I like to have everything so good I can take it for granted"

In this picture the Keystone represents my head and the adjacent two rocks represent my right and left shoulder. The connection of my right (picture left) shoulder and my head is and has been a source of cronic pain (24/7 if you will) Several Weeks ago I visited a Chiropractor for the first time in my life. To No avail and much frustration. I am now communicating with a ZEN Mistress who is "over the top" with suggestions of Accupuncture, and other assorted natural remedies including lots of massage, etc. I am currently using "Dirty Drugs" Advil, Advil Combos, and some minor acceptables like "Heat" Arnica, etc. No one has suggested Extra Crunchy Natural Peanut butter with Mostly fruit natural preserves on heavy dark multi seeded bread. No one has suggest "Break the Sheet Rock" aggressive sexual Contact. The Pain is about to force me to give in to Zen Natural Ravi Shenkar ultimate needle stimulation...Oh my God(!) Charlie Brown - What's a mortal to do?
রবি শংকর*
*a Hindu, almost always a Brahmin, who has memorized a substantial portion of the Vedas, along with the corresponding rhythms and melodies for chanting or singing them.

Although ZEN is mostly Budhist in nature - the Hindu squeeze in their any Hindu would, including Charlie Brown. Further more, Charlie Brown has communicated his answer to me in the words of .... Seng-t’san (d.606)

"Pursue not the outer entanglements; dwell not in the inner void, Be serene in the oneness of things and dualism vanishes by itself"

I live by the Mantra: "Pain vanishes by itself"

PS. The accuracy and relavency of the facts in this post are at the leasure of the writer and cannot be challenged as fact - consider fantasy - facing factual frustration.

Update Jun 26th - it has been a month since my first Acupuncture treatment. After the 2nd Treatment - all the pain is gone - it's a miracle. After some strenuous activities - it's still gone! The proceedure was provided by a most beautiful woman - Jean Kuty, Boise, Idaho.

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Cynthia H said...

Mr. Peachin...Somehow, someway, you are going to get better. Allow me to relate my own experiences to see if any might help.

Chiropractors usually need to work their magic a few times before you see results. I started again with treatment for a specific problem, going 3X a week for several weeks. The issue is amazingly better. I am down to 1X a week. Then it will be 1X a month. Once a month is perfect for maintenance. I got away from doing that and am anxious to get back on schedule.

If that doesn't work, acupuncture is fun, just for the interesting experience. Hey, sometimes people actually get amazing results. I've heard stories. I personally have not seen ANY results with it, but maybe it takes repeated efforts also. At least, with the chiro, I feel a difference immediately, so I am game to go back.

Now, how can you go wrong with trying massage - human contact that you may be missing? It doesn't get much better than having warm loving hands work on you. Find someone into sports massage. I'd do it with you. You can't keep me away from a massage. (You say that you beg to differ?)

Crazy sex will take the pain away for a little while - we KNOW that. That's got to be worth something, right?

Hey, if none of those work, I and your fellow bloggers have more ammo up their sleeves, I am sure. You WILL get better. For now, keep visualizing that your shoulder and neck are getting better every day, that you are pain free and what you would do if it was perfect again. You know the drill - you seem like that kind of guy. Jeez, I'm full of advice, aren't I?

Keep relishing the peanut butter - we don't want your problem to get any WORSE.