Monday, January 12, 2009

Martha Stewart - Redux

Martha Stewart went to Jail for What? How long was she there? Her Profit was how Much?

There are atleast 10,000 people who work or have worked on Wall Street who Manipulated Securities and Investors our of 10 to 1000 times her crime - and are walking free today without consideration of prosecution.

I am not a fan of Martha, but I was a fan of Justice Due. I am now - impressed with a good crime - won!

Bernard Madoff is a great criminal - almost a genius - he was not tripped up by his own mistakes - but by a economy turned south - a classic Greek comedy turned tragedy.

If you want to steal - don't get caught, otherwise make it so big and directly implicating a number of important people - and you too will walk free.

Like The sound of a tree falling in the woods - crime is only a crime if you get caught - otherwise it could be quite liberating to your life!

What are the actions of society teaching your children?
What is Television teaching your children?

It's not what you steal, who you's how smart you are doing it!

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