Saturday, January 3, 2009

Remembering This Morining's Dream

I have spent the last few years reading and practicing Meditation. In side discussions on the subject were - the learning in remembering dreams - not so much of what they mean but how the mind works at different levels. After all, what else does one have to do at 66 years of age.

This morning I remained sleeping past my normal wakeup because I was at an outdoor fest, with tents, couches, music outdoors, seemingly with people of the 60's. I was lounging on a couch when others near by and on the same couch was Henry Kissinger, and the nearby couches in a semi circle were Thomas Friedman and George Will (Ann Coulter was not in this dream.)

Except for Kissinger (in a tie and no jacket - but short sleeve shirt no less) the others were in casual clothing except George Will had black shoes with black socks while Friedman had cross training shoes w/ white socks.

Since I was there, I at least got eye contact and head nods. The discussions were centered around "Where are the good writers?" - and what were the basics of Good Writing and Flow.
How quickly could the subject be presented - to the writers conclusion. My radio was on automatically as a form of alarm - NPR. They were just finishing up a discussion relating to a current statement that Henry Kissinger had made. How quickly we develope (what appears to be a long dream - maybe 15 minutes) by an outside stimulus within seconds.

Certain people who have never been in my dreams:
my 2nd wife
2 loves from several years ago
my dogs and horses.

Certain dreams that are frequently reoccuring:
Not being able to find a class, or test, or paper needed to graduate college.
falling but never landing.
Meeting with clients not being able to solve their problems, getting wrapped up in getting to the solution only to wake up and knowing that the problems did not need a solution - I was out.
Where I grew up - the home, etc.
My Father and his "being there" at times and discussions.

Do I try to analyze these Dreams? no, as I'm working on the remembering - haven't had a nighmare in many years - no cold or hot sweats - life is good!

My current "working on" is various levels of consiousness - how moving through problems speeds up actions - and moving through pleasures - slows down.


an aside, and not related - I do suffer from Cognitive Dissonance.

Cognitive Dissonance occurs in the mind of an individual when a theoretical belief system is confronted by factual evidence demonstrating outcomes contrary to what theories dictate should occur. (the picture of the brain above is the brain's reaction to stimulus of fear and pleasure in its manufacture of Dopamine to deal with the stimulus - just an aside.)

Finally, I remember a statement made to me by my favorite niece: Paul, "it's always, all about you!' Wow, I said to's like my son telling me that I was insecure - and then realizing that "all about you" and "being insecure" are both assessments made toward everyone by someone - and by everyone to that someone! Reflex Reaction under, undo stress!

They are both on my short list of "Loved Ones." - both the statements and the beloved members of my family.

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