Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Economy is Job Won!

From now on - all that matters - and the only indicator to watch for the next 3 to 6 months is the Jobs report - Unemployment on Fridays - and Jobs first week of every month.

Update Jan 26 - Caterpillar lowers 2009 outlook; 20,000 workers targeted for cuts, Sprint/Nextel cuts 8,000 jobs, Pfizer 19,000 jobs , Home Depot 7000 jobs, Royal Philips Electronics, Europe's largest consumer-electronics firm, cuts 6,000 jobs. - all announced before 10am

Jan 27 - Corning 3,500 jobs, 1400 Temp workers, IBM 2000, a few UK companies 6,000
(note: there are thousands of small companies laying off from 1 to 300 employees every week - and there are thousands of "under the radar" employees being laid off - with no government
unemployment support - cash only, illegal immigrants, side jobs, odd jobs, and less work by "women of the night." - the "tip" industry as well as students, etc.)

I will not be posting for awhile - lots of companies announcing 4th quarter news - the above is just the beginning (Monday 1/26 - 8am)

It's all about Jobs and the news is distressing. A continuation of the numbers will lead toward a Depression OK - the las thing anyone is going to say is that word - so, let's call it "Depression-Lite"

If anything changes, I'll look in my vast source of knowledge - discounted for purposely misleading statements by Politically Correct - Mis-Leaders!!

PS. Other news today, Vladimir Putin announced today, That the United States is responsible for the Russia/Ukaraine/Europe natural gas problem. No question Putin is a Psychopath. It has been my experience over 66 years - people who lose, tend to continuing losing, and winners tend to continue to win. Russia is trying to "Cold it Up" in the world and probably will suffer for it.
Israel, without any energy sources, discovers a fairly large find in Natural Gas, they have been hostage to Egypt for years...things are changing.

El Viejo

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