Sunday, August 24, 2008

"It's all about you, Paul! Isn't it?" This one is! I'm in the process of making a sea change in my life.

There is a big story here in my first Kayak experience - actually, I was looking at a horse to buy, two weeks ago (I had been looking at horses from late winter to last spring) - I decided, in traveling, a horse takes lots more energy, time and the time value cost was much greater than the reward. I still will ride horses, maybe a lease - I love riding - just - don't want to keep one. The Kayak experience was an eye opener - the excitement and the rush - exhilarating and thrilling. When you get in trouble you don't have to worry about a "live something" under you (except for the river) and every move you make - changes what's going to happen - there is no horse under you making a separate decision - and that's the game. There are lakes and rivers everywhere. The exercise almost killed me - so when I know how to manage everything - slow learning - I'll actually be happier than I was riding. My life will be more portable than ever. The one compromise I made was allowing Tatina in my life. She is the most challenging dog I have ever raised. At 4 months old she knows every trick in "throwing me off center" - disabling my train of thought - all... so that she can command my attention. I have little tricks and methods that contains her for a new moment until she can develop a "work around" and then she drops her head, raises her eyes - no words, just the look - Gotchya! as she lays down straight with her head between her stretched paws - looks up again - "So what are we going to do?"
Snoopy And Charlie Brown wallpaper
"I like to have everything so good, I can take it for granted"
- charlie brown

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