Thursday, August 14, 2008

Salmon River about 30 miles north of headwaters

Salmon River 8-14-08 by you.
Salmon River 8-14-08

Salmon river 8/14/08Salmon River 8/14/08Salmon River 8/14/08

August 14, 2008, Stanley, Idaho, 80 miles north of Sun Valley and 100 miles south of Salmon Idaho. The choice was either to be in the raft or a single Kayak, I only rolled once - hit a rock in Class III rapids (not the rock in the pictures - some "sneaker" that came up out of the water and pushed me around (and out) Great day - Great area

I ordered my own Kayak and Paddles, for 1 or 2 (convertible,) today - I've been trying to kill myself for years, just need some exciting activity - Very hard to find a horse I can just get on and go without personality conflicts. These are Type III rapids - need to get into type IV and V - to challenge mortality and then get my head examined if I 66, which I will be soon, I feel I have to elevate the excitement just to stay even.

Oh yes, the stock market - I was off the grid - it can go on without me.......

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