Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Sun Valley, Idaho - An Exceptional Place

I am enjoying my stay here - probably will be here at least a month or longer. This would be an exceptional area to live, If I were into Skiing.

I began riding (horses) again after a break. I am going to do a Learning/doing Kayak paddling on the Salmon River - Next Week. Sunday and Monday I'm going to the Sun Valley Symphony - When this area needs something - Like a Symphony - there seems to be local well to do folks who provide the Area and costs.

I have no plans to leave here - If I do, I'll head back to Flagstaff then to Cave Creek - This is the first Summer I have returned to the road - and find it less restrictive than staying in one place.

The Securities Markets - are waxing and waning going nowhere - too much talk - and "no walk"
the economy is going into the toilet and everyone is trying to keep that from happening. Man has never succeeded in stopping or changing bad weather - to avoid natural catastrophes - it's part of the cycle - It should be an interesting fall - tied to a presidential election - The eventual bombing of Iran - The Arab (silent) coalition - coming apart and a Chinese Recession immediately succeeding the Olympics - maybe not!


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