Sunday, January 8, 2012

Full Moon - Today, Monday, January 9 - Perfect day to Start a War in the Gulf?

Mushroom Cloud Gallery - X-Ray

The Players as they line up this morning:

United States of America


Russia and China warn - This could start WWIII

It's an old scenario - Personally, Russia and China use this threat to keep USA and the "free world" in Check...

Its time to Cowboy Up!  Call Everyone's Bluff! This kind of action should take less than 2 weeks - it's all about electronics.... Who has the best IT......No, Really!.... Really?

Anyone want to Interview George W and Dick Cheney to get their view?
While we are at it... a good discussion on the Right "What would Jesus do?" They always have a good answer - after all they have an inside track to their "God."  (certainly, their god is not my god*...for sure)
Bon Iver - With God On Our Side (Bob Dylan Cover) - SBG by See Beyond Genre

*God tells me that when he wants to teach everyone a lesson he picks a wonderful surrounding and fills it with a story to spin. He carefully selects the protagonist, the antagonist, the victims, the martyrs, and the bystanders who will say their peace. Then he leans over and whispers in my ear..."my most careful selection is in the people I choose to remain silent...for they are the "chosen" who will reap and will be regarded" -my god, on Strain Mountain, South Worcester, NY, With my horse "Sonny" fall of 1994
Paul, Sonny and Billybob 1998

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