Friday, January 20, 2012

It is time to press c:/format on this country and reboot

Let's put the country on a Monopoly Board - Punish Greed, Punish the dishonest - Punish Political Moves by backroom tactics. Punish all those fuckers. Pass Go, and Collect $2 Million for all those who contribute to the National Good without compensation. Reward Teachers for performance Remove Teachers who teach "Backward Thinking" Hire new Teachers and allow them to receive "Sign Up" Bonuses - as Loans for the first 5 years - and Performance will allow the loan to be forgiven - that's the Bonus. Fire all Managers who Hide Quality Employees to keep them inline.

Witch Hunt Wall Street Aggressively and publish accounts of their less than acceptable dealings. Limit all politically elected individuals to two terms, not to exceed a total of 8 years. Put a transfer tax on all Lobbying spending of 25%. If an organization is determined to be lobbying with $$ (lets say $4 Million) they would file an excise tax return and pay the Treasury $1Million - "Pay To Play!"

Annually tax Investments and Trusts that have a Balance Sheet in excess of $100Million. Let's say 1% @ yr. 5% @ yr. if assets transferred overseas to hide.

Finally, declare War on Switzerland - to open bank account names and values - or we land troops on their front doors and blow them off! If the account holders can not validate honest holdings - confiscate the money and return it to country of Origin/Citizenship

Let's set dishonestly earned assets back to their origin and recreate a level playing field.

I've got more ideas, but it's early and I've got to be moving on.

After all - tobacco has been determined to be as lethal as "banned Drugs" and yet today, after 35 years - What? there are still places where smoking in public is allowed without exception. It's called Evolution and takes years to move inches.....

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