Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Here are three types of bosses that should be fired, and sooner rather than later

The Smartest Guy in the Room
This is the guy who has all the answers and can never, ever be wrong. He doesn't just breathe his own fumes or drink his own Kool-Aid, he makes and mass-markets it, as well. He wants everyone to agree with his grandiose vision of how things should be and makes sure of that by surrounding himself with yes-men and women and ruthlessly beating down dissenting views. The reason these people fail is they're blinded by the power of their own vision 

It's All About Me
Some people never grow up but get stuck in one phase or another of human development. They look just like normal adults, but inside, they're petulant, narcissistic children with oversized egos. Since their overriding goal is to get attention, to be adulated and worshipped by all, they're often charismatic and charming, almost chameleon-like in the way they appeal to all sorts of constituents. And their positions and strategies can flip and flop from one day to the next based on one data point, meeting, or conversation. The reason these people fail - not one idea is their own - they represent a Census of ne'er-do-wells

The Has-Been
We may as well call him by his name, Peter, because this person is more or less defined by the Peter Principle. Peter was once effective and successful; at least it appeared that way. But the situation had a narrow set of boundaries and variables and now, things have changed and Peter is out of his depth, beyond his level of competency........he's not just an old relic, but a heavy anchor around the company's neck.

Give me a Maverick, who thinks quickly (everyone can feel it) Who listens and adjusts and gives credit to better ideas (than his) Has as many enemies as friends... is feared in the industry - (Remember Steve Jobs?) The Goal is a constant - the methods of getting there are flexible.

-Steve Tobak | CBS MoneyWatch (adjusted and plagiarized)

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