Monday, November 21, 2011

Vacation Time

This is not a good time to trade. There are generally many low volume days which keeps the markets - not Markets with volume pressure which keeps the prices of securities stable for trading - Technical Analysis.

I'm taking this time off to reflect on the joys in my life. It has been a very good year and 1/2 since I stopped traveling and became a resident of Boise, Idaho. Even though I have complaints they are "no complaints"... small little "why can't I have everything so perfect - I can take it for granted" type complaints.

It's a holiday season - out of control - as they all are - consumerism in its ugliest form. Politics make it even uglier... it's a sick world... and yes, I'm a happy guy. The Human Condition of our population is at best - Leary, weary and dreary. It seams that our society has run out of Oxygen. "goodness" is gone.  fairness is gone. Tomorrow, I'll open my best bottle of wine, smoke some weed,  and make it a "Bob Dylan day" probably 4 to 8 hours of non-stop bob dylan songs...  - and then I'll move on.

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