Thursday, January 6, 2011

Taking care of Business - Charles Schwab - NOT!

Dear Wes:
You suggested I write - If I need something

I have a 4G Anderoid that has the ability to have Streetsmart Pro. Apparently - Schwab has announced an iPhone application This tells me that someone is getting something before me - a 2nd class customer - I guess I'll ask for a $2 discount on my going forward trades until I get treated equally.

Yes, I know I can still get Schwab on the net. It is not your fault, I know - so please forward this to the idiots who made this decision. I'm not interested in an "I'm sorry" - it is an excuse.  This is business - Schwab has, without their consideration, offended the non iphone customers - furthermore, Schwab is very late in offering a smart phone application - I read too! Since Schwab was late with the iPhone application they just could have waited until they served everyone equally.  ATT is a 3rd rate provider - iPhone can only be as good as its weakest point... Schwab too!

So, I think a $2 discount on trades is fare for 2nd rate customers and I'll be glad to go back to the regular fee when Schwab treats me equally with all traders.

This is not for you,,, it's a pass-along note - the quicker the better. I hope you and your family had a wonderful holiday season


Update 1/18 - Schwab gave me 90 trades with a $2 discount - a company that responds to a situation.

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