Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Technicals abroad as I go to bed - Pre-market - to react to several factors

TraderJamie - From Ontario, Canada - on $SPY
DrDuru - from Altanta - On T2108 - SSO 2X leveraged $SPY Put options
ADP - Estimated Employment numbers for Friday 1/7/2011 s/b up
Not so optimistic from Dept of Labor anticipation for Friday

$SPY formed Double Top by close of trading Wednesday
T-2108 in the "RED ZONE"

$SPXA50R - poor man's T2108
Extended - over 80 (over bought market)
MACD - shows weakness forward and crossover
Black over red - preparing move towards -0

Setting up hedge beginning today (Wednesday)
SSO 02/19/2011 50.00/25 put options
Full Disclosure:
Hedge covering
150 long term Call options (in the money) (S) Sprint
50 Long term Call options (in the money) )CSCO) cisco systems
(both in positive territory at the Market's close - Wednesday)

PS. as I look at the New Moon (to your right) giving a turbo effect to the markets - is a bullish indicator in the rush toward the Full Moon (where change leads to madness) but... it only has to be right more than 50% of the time - as all other good indicators - There are no sure things!
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