Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Clutter of Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, et al.

Internet Clutter. Facebook is an accumulation of friends, family and Businesses that you have a relationship - it is keeping you up on those people, most of which are chit-chatting and time consuming.

Twitter, is an accumulation site for a subscriber, where people keep up on the latest posts, of more than friends and family, but also others whose posts are important to you in your endeavors.

My Space is drowning - replicating the future advances of Yahoo.

I, personally, use Netvibes to accumulate on one page - all of my most important sites - which show from 2 to 7 of their last posts - I have had Netvibes for 2 years maybe, and is still the best source for me. I will retain Facebook and Twitter - but will declassify their presence via putting them on the bottom of my Netvibes home page - to be glanced at when I have nothing better to do.

The Web is consuming as the quality of information is being smothered by social bullshit.

As a trader in the markets, I read many posts by other traders following 20, 30, 40, 50 companies daily who have shown "something" that might cause them to change in their security price....all of this enormority is not only time consuming - it is too much for this 67 year old man to deal with. There is no better time to filter everything - to limit Focus - and cull the garbage.

I follow 3 to 5 securities at a time - and trade them, until one looses its volitility and then I bring on another one or two.

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