Monday, July 13, 2009

Switzerland Harboring 50,000 enemies of USA

We are negotiating with Switzerland to release Lists of American Citizens and Corporations that provide a "safe harbor" for untaxed dollars - USA criminals if you will. Swiss laws prevent Banks from revealing their depositors names.

I say, Invade Switzerland - gather up all these funds from all the countries in this world. Return the funds, in their entirety - to the countries of citizen origination - and make these citizens prove that the funds were legal and taxed by these countries - or - the funds would revert to that country. As for Switzerland - "Fuckem!!" Then, time to take the Swiss currently responsible, invade their funds - try them in international courts - and "away with them!"
As for the funds retrieved, the American citizens who are found to be harboring illegal funds and untaxed funds - They have a choice - Stay free in this country and allow the funds to be 100% taxed - or...take the tax and interest - and allow the criminals to spend some time in our prisons - rent free - for 10 to 25 years - to be negotiated...

I believe we would be going a long way in balancing the budget quickly with these funds.

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