Saturday, December 8, 2007

Syndrome ofI Inappropriate Enthusiasm

There appears (designed by Wall Street) proliferated by the News Media - about a storm that almost hit our economy. The Scenario developed by such notables as Henry Paulson, Secretary of the Treasury, Ben Bernanke, Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board - and many others of "like authority" who at all costs are trying to turn the tide of a disastrous economy. We live in a time where what is perceived should become reality - if you perceive it hard enough. The background is Christmas Music, celebration of a New Year coming - and a New Year of fresh starts. They Have a Plan, finally, which will solve the "big Problem" and all can now go on with their lives without fear - creating a Syndrome of Inappropriate Enthusiasm.

Lets take a look as some "Facts!"

Other than US Treasury notes and Bonds - there appears to be no safe bond funds - as the proprietors are slow to reveal the % of their fund that is riddled with default.

The Automobile industry has announced a closing of all their truck factories - at least until February - not done since whenever - as there is an extreme over supply of inventory - this would be "light trucks" pick-ups, etc.

The Trucking industry (which moves the products that we consume) is almost at a crisis point - Fuel, drivers, on the road hauling, etc. - in a "can't continue this way" point.

The credit industry is in turmoil. The lenders, the borrowers, the insurance backers, you name it.

The Real Estate industry is in denial of their own bankruptcy.

Employment numbers are being manipulated (towards the positive) by the "Birth/Death" adjustments.

Inflation is being recalculated to avoid the "nasty secret." Since many vehicles (Social Security payments, for one) are restructured by an increase in the "Cost of Living", the truth of inflation would increase the National Debt substantially.

We are winning a war that we are losing.

We are so powerful, that "oil" has us by the balls!

We are considered, by ourselves, that we are the world power, as all of the major currencies have increased in value at the expense of ours.

We have a leader who is a "fool" as a front man (Bush) and "Behind the Scenes" the man who is calling the shots (Cheney) - Mr. Evil!

OK - We now have A Stock Market which is at all time Highs - with companies in great economic strength - which is living in a "syndrome of inappropriate enthusiasm" - Last Man out is the one to get burned the most - We'll see.

Maybe we will weather these storms - we'll see soon - by announced "layoffs" after Xmas. They could be the - "last straw that breaks the Camel's back"

Of course, If none of these things come to a head by March 31st - we have indeed weathered the storm - as always Time will Tell.

We love phrases: inappropriate enthusiasm, irrational exuberance, on balance, cautiously optimistic, guns and butter, new era, intergenerational differences, new paradigm about: Recessionary Influences, repeated inflationary warnings, liars crooks and thieves, acute recession - never before experienced by most living souls.

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