Saturday, December 15, 2007

1% Growth plus 4.3% Inflation = Stagflation

So What!? -
Stagflation* > Recession > Deflation.
*Stagflation - little or no growth (GDP) with inflation eventually leading to recession and deflation (lower demand requires prices to decline)

Let's face it: When your CEO (George W.) is sub-par - he is influenced by - his perceptions (which are views created by intelligence, or the lack thereof) He chose an academic to run our Money (Bernanke) and a Fox (in the hen house) to be the Secretary of the Treasury (Paulson.) You'll remember that he (Paulson) was the CEO of Goldman Sachs - who is now being accused of Manipulating the markets to make money on the failure of Sub-Prime Mortgages, among other SIV's (Structured Investment Vehicles) the grouping of less than desirable debt, etc. etc. etc.

Sooner or later, Goldman Sachs will be accused of Selling SIV's while "Selling them Short." Selling short is a way of making money while the value of an asset goes down.

Remember - "White Collar Crime" generally goes without punishment - except a slap on the hand.

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