Sunday, May 15, 2011

On Staying "Centered"

We all wander through the days, weeks and years - judging what we have with what we want... and probably don't consider what we need.  Staying centered is a learned attitude and mental state that allows us to have everything we need to be happy and prosper. No need to worry about Health, money, friendship and love - what comes is what is needed - and it never fails to be there - what is needed.

It is important to remember to "feel" this statement - in order to remain "centered":

I accept the responsibility for my life.
I accept responsibility for my Success or Failure
From now on I will not blame anyone or anything else for the things that happen to me and the things that I do.  I alone am in control of my life - Past, Present and future - I am in control of my Destiny!

Some call this "Growing Up" - finally.......

If you can't stay "centered" you're fucked!

what comes easy in life - means nothing
What we have overcome in our lives is everything!
My vacation continues.................................................

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