Wednesday, November 24, 2010

N. Korea - Holding back, Patience, waiting - Has never (Never) served anyone well in being attacked - It is time for the famous statement "Don't Fuck With Me"

S. Korea should make their decision and handle their solution without any pressure from the outside. Do we need reassurance? NO. Have we always been "wishy washy" about acting? Yes. Are we always most concerned by other's opinions? Yes. War is dealt with by Warriors ( the warrior attitude) not by "Christian Census."  We are a profit motive country, that considers protecting the wealth in our country rather than the common man.  Our leaders have been "pussified" over the years - If you have power, there are times that it is necessary to show it immediately.  I am very liberal, both politically and socially - but I'm no fool!

Every President should have a Sweatshirt with "Don't Fuck With Me" printed in big letters - and when an opponent in congress, in the land, in the World - pushes "The Man" he should "Don" his emblem of strength - it is a statement of "no uncertain terms!"  Yes (women) I will change my wording when we show that we can have a woman president - Margaret Thatcher - Had Balls of Iron!
Where is Teddy Roosevelt - a man of Determination (persistence does not work at these times)
As for China?  Give them an alternative and opportunity - "You resolve the N Korea issue, or we will - your choice!"

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