Sunday, January 13, 2008

How We Know What Isn't So

..In all too many ways: Humans have a tendency to see order in randomness. We find patterns where none exist. While that trait might have helped a baby recognize its parents (thereby improving the odds for its survival), seeing patterns where none exist is counter-productive when it comes to investing." - Thomas Gilovich "How We Know What Isn't So " 2007 A book*

Note: I just finished reading the book. I guess the first thing you want to challenge is your perception. Is it developed by previous lessons (the likes of which might have had different results.) Is it developed by Prejudice ( one way looking.) Is it developed by Social desires (wanting to be accepted by those you emulate?)...The book challenges how one makes decisions - and the basis for those decisions.

*I have read more than 30 books in 2007 (mostly non-fiction) "How We Know What isn't so" is my "best of the year" - not an easy read.

"Reality is a curious convention. It is the special norm for each of us. Based upon the evidences of our own senses, we have each established our own version of Reality." - John D. MacDonald "Nightmare in Pink" - The Travis McGee series 1964

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