Friday, June 8, 2012

Obama is a Shoe-in for President.....Why?

We live in an international environment. Politically the structure of the United States of America is Democratically Liberal to Republican Conservative - small fish in a pond considering the Powers of the World.

Remove us from those powers and we find (Economically and Politically) Russia, China, Brazil, England, France, India, Arabia, Japan, Australia and Germany.  They will decide who will become President... as a group these countries are probably 100 times greater in power than our two Political Parties - They can Shape the Social and Economic patterns for the next 6 months leading to a successful Obama 2nd Term. China Will Lead the Way, Yes, China!

These 10 Countries ("The LGP10") do not want Romney as President - AT Any Cost  - a price they are willing to pay, in terms of economic proposals, Banking Actions, Social Reform - you name it - They'll Pay It!

Even Big Business knows this!

November 2012 will unfold, without any doubt - What runs this Country!

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