Saturday, June 9, 2012

From Kate Howe - owner - 246 Ranch, Winnemucca, Nevada

There are three things out of character here. 1. is the Hat. 2. The belt Buckle will do intestinal damage on the "First Buck" and if he hits the Horn returning from the "First Buck" the buckle will probably affect the load he carries below it.  - and finally, 3. Yes, Girls - do you have the answer?

OK, in my reply e-mails... the girls didn't get it - so here is the answer....He is into men figuratively and literal. Mano y Mano - A corrida, in which to matadors alternate in fighting two or three bulls each - hand to hand, confrontation, competition, rivalry - surrender - a "Dollface Hustler" kind of action - leading to excitement and exhaustion - after all, boys will be boys -

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